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Do Dental Implants Hurt? 5 Facts to Calm Your Concerns

Though very effective in doing so, dental implants are not simply used to create a beautiful smile. Natural teeth that have fallen out or are deemed unhealthy often lead to the degradation of the jawbone, recession of gums, and weakening of adjacent teeth.

Traditionally, the remedy for missing teeth was the use of dentures and bridges, but implants have increasingly become popular because they are durable, discreet, and perform like the real thing. In fact, modern versions are almost identical to natural teeth.

They can be customizable in color, so they blend in naturally with your smile and are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. This dental care service is a clear example of how far modern dentistry has come. However, just discussing the issue can create anxiety for some people. For most candidates, the big question often asked first is: “Do dental implants hurt?”

The Procedure

Dental implant surgery requires a surgeon to drill one or more titanium posts into the bone underneath your gum. After the post(s) is inserted, the bone surrounding this post at its base will gradually grow around it, eventually fusing to it. This healing process may take upwards of 6-12 weeks. It is critical as it holds the post firmly in place and provides a strong and permanent root for the crown (false tooth) to attach to.

If this procedure sounds nerve-wracking, rest assured Evers Dental has you covered. Read on for five facts about this common procedure that will calm your nerves.

1. Pain Management is Priority During Procedure

It is important to note before the procedure that the patient is put under local anesthesia to prevent pain and anxiety during the process. There can be some pain or discomfort after the procedure is done and the anesthesia wears off. However, this can be managed simply and effectively by taking an over-the-counter medication, such as ibuprofen.

2. Pain After Medication Wears Off is Less than Anticipated

As stated above, once the numbness from the medication wears off, mild pain may return. However, many previous patients who have gone through this procedure have described it as less than they feared it would be. Others have stated the pain level was less than that of a tooth extraction.

3. Considerable Pain is Very Rare

Rarely do patients experience a considerable amount of discomfort after the surgery. If they do, there may be a bigger issue, such as an improperly fitted implant or perhaps an infection. These risks, though unlikely, are possible. It would be important to reach out to your dentist at this point. Again, this is a rare instance as the majority of patients do not report this experience.

4. Mild Pain After Procedure is Normal and Easily Managed

It is common for patients to experience some pain days after the dental implant procedure. On average, this lasts approximately 10 days around the face, and jaw. This is a general statement, as everyone’s experience is unique. Bruising of the gum around the implant site often causes this pain. Proper care should be taken while brushing around the implant site during the healing process.

5. Recovery Is Faster and Easier Than People Think

Typically within 14 days, any residual effects are completely gone and the implant is healing nicely. Generally speaking, patients state recovery is not nearly as painful as they expected it to be. In fact, most patients report that the results far outweigh any discomfort experienced because of the procedure.

Dental implants offer so many advantages and can last a lifetime. They look and act like real teeth and the procedure has an average success rate of 95% to 98%. Pain and discomfort are easily managed with over-the-counter pain medications such as Advil or Tylenol. The healing process can be accelerated with proper daily care such as rinsing with a warm saltwater solution, avoiding crunchy foods, and brushing implant sites thoroughly yet gently.

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